Adult Hearing

Hearing loss can be sudden or it can happen gradually making you wonder why….

Everyone Mumbles

Your TV is louder than others like

You can’t hear well on the telephone

You’re missing important information at work

Your ears are ringing

It’s no fun to eat out, go to church or visit family

At Healthy Hearing and Balance, we understand that untreated hearing loss is not benign. Dr Frank Lin, at Johns Hopkins and others in the international research community are actively engaged in multiple year, ground breaking studies exploring what happens when people have hearing loss and do not take action to treat it.

Did you know that people with untreated hearing loss

Go to the Hospital More

Fall More

Lose Brain Cells Faster in the Language and Memory Centers

Have more Depression and Anxiety

Feel isolated socially more than their normal hearing peers?

It turns out that taking good care of your ears is taking good care of all of you. The ear is critical to the healthy aging process.

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