Signia Xperience

Now you can hear everything that matters to you:
Hear all the sounds that make hearing enjoyable
Hear clearly in any situation, wherever you go
Be an active part of every conversation

Own Voice Processing

optimizes the wearer’s natural-sounding own voice.

As a result, everything sounds natural and wearers hear what matters to them wherever they are, wherever they go. While dining out with friends, for example, Signia Xperience can make conversation partners and the restaurant’s live background music sound crystal clear and in perfect harmony. And if a waiter approaches from behind and asks if everything is to your satisfaction, the hearing aids also recognize this important speech signal in contrast to general background noise from other restaurant guests.

Mastering the perfect personalized sound

YourSound technology uses its in-depth understanding about the wearer’s individual hearing environment and preferences to deliver personalized sound precisely as nature intended.

Dynamic Soundscape Processing

delivers natural sound and speech in every situation even when moving.

New Cellion™ primax™ hearing aids are available for nearly all hearing losses.

Cellion can be fitted with various domes or custom molds so that anyone can benefit from this new, rechargeable offering.

The world’s first lithium-ion, inductive-charging hearing aid.

A versatile RIC that treats all hearing losses.

Tiny device.
Cellion is the only inductive, wireless, and contact-free rechargeable hearing aid in the world. Yet it is still one of the smallest hearing aids in general, being only slightly larger than Pure® primax.

24 hours operating time, even when streaming.
Cellion’s power management is breathtaking, unrivaled by any other hearing aid. Regardless of the hearing loss treated, it can run for at least 24 hours with unlimited streaming.

The power cells have a lifespan of several years, easily lasting the entire life of the hearing aid. Even if an exchange of the power cell becomes necessary, it can be done by any hearing care professional.

Cellion can be fully charged in four hours, and is then ready to use for at least 24 hours without recharging, even if the wearer is streaming audio full-time.

A 30-minute “fast charge” immediately provides Cellion more than seven hours of run-time.

Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion power cell users don’t even have to think about batteries anymore. This not only reduces handling — it saves money and is eco-friendly.


The primax wireless CROS solution is designed for people who have normal hearing in one ear and un-aidable hearing loss in the other. Sounds from the un-aidable side are received by the microphones of a CROS Pure transmitter device, processed, and wirelessly transmitted to the side with normal hearing.

The primax wireless BiCROS solution is designed for people with un-aidable hearing loss in one ear and aidable hearing loss in the other. Sound from the un-aidable side is received by the CROS Pure, processed and transmitted to the primax hearing aid on the other side. The primax hearing aid delivers the combined and amplified sound from both devices into the better ear.

How it works

The primax CROS/BiCROS solution is made possible by the cosmetically attractive CROS Pure transmitter, which can be paired with virtually any other primax instrument on the contralateral ear. Like other primax hearing aids, the CROS/BiCROS solution features natural sound quality with a low noise floor which is conducive to listening comfort, and in a BiCROS set-up, to understanding of soft speech. For wearers with normal hearing in the better ear (CROS), the importance of a low noise floor should not be overlooked. In fact, it is oftentimes a crucial factor in terms of spontaneous acceptance. The low noise floor is also a key differentiator between the primax CROS solution and similar existing products on the market.

The primax CROS/BiCROS solution features automatic, adaptive directionality for noisy situations, making speech understanding easier, and reducing listening effort. The CROS Pure directional microphones feature an innovative polar pattern focused to the front and skewed towards the side. This directional signal is then transmitted to the other side before the signal is either delivered to the ear alone in the CROS solution, or combined with the ipsilateral signal in the BiCROS solution. In other words, even in noisy situations, the CROS benefit is maintained, and does not significantly compromise battery life.

In this real-life demonstration video Adam will help you experience how our new primax™ feature, TwinPhone, wearing the latest Signia hearing aids, the hard of hearing will exert less effort to listen throughout the day – clinically proven.*

You have our assurance that the sound of these hearing aids has not been processed in any way, everything you hear has been recorded directly with primax hearing aids.

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