ADHEAR is Effortless

ADHEAR is a non-surgical hearing solution that makes it possible for you to use the system and benefit immediately from better hearing. Are you curious to know what hearing via bone conduction is like? Simply contact your hearing care provider and give ADHEAR a try. The system’s simplicity makes it possible. It is as easy as: Stick. Click. Hear.

Hearing using the ADHEAR system is simple and handling the device is straightforward. Attaching the system, changing the battery or choosing a program— it couldn’t be easier.

ADHEAR is gentle

ADHEAR is the only non-surgical bone conduction device that does not apply pressure onto the skin and is therefore very comfortable to wear.

The sound waves are transmitted onto the bone via the adhesive adapter which is placed on the skin behind the ear.

The adhesive adapter is very light and discreet.

ADHEAR is reliable

ADHEAR delivers clear hearing benefit. Tests have shown that the performance of this new bone conduction system is comparable or even better than that of other passive bone conduction devices.

With this system the adhesive adapter stays securely in its optimal position, allowing you to enjoy a continual hearing experience. In addition, the close proximity to the inner ear helps to transfer sound information efficiently.