August 31, 2022


Want your patients to hear their best in noise?

Now they can.

With ReSound OMNIA™ your patients can hear their best in noise with an incredible 150% improvement in speech understanding*1. Powered by the industry’s only Organic Hearing™.

Combining the strength of humans and machine with our cutting-edge technology and leading audiological expertise, we developed our most intelligent and automated steering and beamforming system yet. This gives users superior hearing clarity and understanding in all sound environments, so they can love the everyday details in life again.

Advancements for your patients

How we achieved this audiological feat:

  • Widening our sound environment mapping to 360 All Around
  • Speeding up our processing and steering for faster mode detection and selection
  • Narrowing the beamforming to give even more precision for our best speech clarity in any environment

All working at the same time across any sound environment. This enables your patients to automatically tune into what they want to listen to and not have the hearing aids choose for them.

Sounds natural

Hearing in noise is a huge challenge for people with hearing loss. We have taken a great leap forward with the sound benefits that ReSound OMNIA offers, so your patients can automatically listen to who and what they want to, all around, even in noise.

Feels natural

ReSound OMNIA fits your patients’ needs and situations around the clock for great performance all day and the best wearing comfort, in all kinds of weather. It gives peace of mind.

Connects your patients naturally

Seamlessly connects your patients to who and what they love, bringing their world closer.

A successful first fit, naturally

Easily add the finishing touches to patients’ hearing experiences with our simplified fitting flow, such as automated preferences and a push-button connection to the fitting software.

  • 13% improvement to fitting success in Smart Fit 1.15 to previous version of Smart Fit3
  • 91% prefer the new navigation

3. GN A/B Prototype test & Box Build tests, 2022

Powered by
Organic Hearing

ReSound OMNIA is powered by the industry’s only Organic Hearing, our unique approach to creating hearing solutions that sound natural, feel natural and connect your patients naturally to the world.